Big Game Bigger Impact + Philanthropy Playmakers

Pat and Stephanie were interviewed by Philanthropy Playmakers in August Playbook about creating mission-driven organizations. For the full interview, please visit here.

We really focused on how this event could leave a legacy in the region. We asked ourselves how we could ensure our Super Bowl benefited the entire community, economically and socially. We kept our eyes on the mission from the very beginning, and weaved it into everything we did.
— Stephanie Martin


Pat: Stephanie was the one who said we should write a book. She asked me “What if we host again? What could other cities learn from us?” It didn’t start off as the resource it has turned into; really, we just wanted to memorialize what we accomplished.

Stephanie: We learned so much from the experience, and we thought it would be beneficial to other host committees. We hadn’t hosted a Super Bowl in thirty years in the Bay Area. There was no playbook or historical knowledge, but we learned so many good business lessons as we navigated through it. We were very much a start-up, and so Big Game, Bigger Impact is very much written like a business book, with anecdotes tucked into it. It was a lot of fun to do. What we got to do as a Host Committee was so special, and we worked with such an amazing group of people; there were thousands involved from public agencies to large corporations.  We wanted to share those success stories with others.

Pat: Not everything in the book is positive; we wanted to be honest. You have to be ready to change course, be flexible, and park your ego at the door. We were fortunate to have assembled a team who stuck with us from start to finish, and were committed to using our values as a guiding star.

Stephanie: People here (in the Bay Area) believe anything is possible; you just have to try it. It catches fire, and it’s contagious. When you look at our local businesses and sports teams and how they’ve benefited the community, it’s always been about sustainable change and how to make programs scalable.