The Making of Our Chapter Titles

In writing Big Game Bigger Impact, we wanted to share not just what the Host Committee did, but how we did it. Among stories from our two-year run-up to Super Bowl 50, we have highlighted the organizational values that drove us, as well as some of the lessons we learned along the way, lessons that we believe could benefit any business and, in particular, ones that are just starting up.

As you read, we will also subject you to some of Pat's favorite tongue-in-cheek phrases in the form of chapter titles, little sayings that he would use around the office to the amusement or, more often, to rolling eyes of the rest of the team. Some just came to him,  some he repurposed from other sources, but they made their way into our daily Host Committee vernacular.  

One of the longest serving executives in San Francisco Giants‘ history and the creative mind behind some of the Giants’ most legendary marketing campaigns, Pat is renown throughout the Bay Area for the impact he has had on the sports industry, his flair and personality, and his ability to make everything fun. And fun is what he brought to the Host Committee.

Big Game Bigger Impact Table of Contents (and Pat's catch-phrases):

Chapter 1
“We Do Things Here with A Twinkle in Our Eye”– Our Approach to Bidding on a Super Bowl

Chapter 2
“Doing God’s Work”– Creating Our Vision and Values

Chapter 3
“L Stands for Loser” – Breaking from Tradition

Chapter 4
“Turning Over Rocks” – The Art of Partnership Sales

Chapter 5
“Creating the Secret Sauce” – Telling Our Story

Chapter 6
“Building the Plane as We Flew” – Making Plans and Planning for Change

Chapter 7
“Only 70,000 People Get to Go to the Game” – Creating Opportunities for Participation

Chapter 8
“What Could Possibly Go Wrong?” – Lessons from the Field

Chapter 9
“The Clock Rules All” – Time to Get the Word Out

Chapter 10
“Adult Supervision” –Taking the Magic of Super Bowl into the Community

Chapter 11
“Growing the Flock” – Developing Brand Ambassadors

Chapter 12
“Drinking from the Fire Hose” – When Leaders are Most Needed 

Chapter 13
“Using Tech for Not Only Tech’s Sake” – The Search for Relevant Technology

Chapter 14
“No One Wants to Know how the Sausage is Made” – Responding to the Unexpected

Chapter 15
“Cleaning Up After the Elephants” – Time to Fulfill Our Promises

Chapter 16
“Giving Away the Game” – Why We Wrote This Book