Big Game Bigger Impact Goes on Sale May 9

We're excited to share our book goes on sale this May 9! In a little more than a month, you can purchase Big Game Bigger Impact through outlets such as:

  • Amazon
  • Angus & Robertson Bookworld
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Book Depository
  • Books a Million
  • Chapters

What will you find inside the pages? Big Game Bigger Impact takes you through the 2+ year build-up to Super Bowl 50 with an insider's look into everything from the region's bid to host the Super Bowl to the planning and preparation to how the events unfolded during Super Bowl Week, as well as the lessons we learned along the way, lessons we believe could benefit any business.

Some of the things you will learn include:

  • Our approach to bidding on a Super Bowl, done in the San Francisco Bay way "with a twinkle in our eye" 
  • What it feels like to pitch the NFL owners on hosting a Super Bowl, just as if you were in the room with us
  • How Super Bowl 50 was able to be the most giving to date, as well as recognize some of the region's most impactful nonprofits in new ways
  • What a Super Bowl Host Committee actually is and what it does
  • Why we built the Host Committee to be a mission-driven organization, and how we put our vision and values into action
  • How we recruited 5500+ volunteers, and the impact they had as ambassadors for not only Super Bowl 50 but also for the whole region
  • What it was like to work with some of the Bay Area's most beloved pro football legends, as well as take the Lombardi trophies they won on tour
  • The Host Committee's approach to fundraising, and how in sales, the first dominoes to fall can often be the most important
  • How we enabled partners and team members to understand how they could be active contributors to the project's success
  • How you have to plan for change and respond to the unexpected when you are "building the plane as you fly it"
  • How thousands of people came together to create opportunities for residents to join in Super Bowl 50 celebrations across the region
  • How leaders can help their teams during crunch-time and the importance of celebrating little wins along the way

You will find insights, observations and perspectives, and we hope, some fun stories along the way.

Big Game Bigger Game